Rangsit University International College (RIC) Scholarship Agreement

  • 1. The recipient is awarded a waiver of 50% of tuition and academic service fees.
  • 2. The recipient must participate in university activities and contribute by fulfilling a minimum of 42 hours of service per semester (84 hours/academic year). The services must be approved by the RIC scholarship committee.
  • 3. The scholarship is awarded to the recipient for the duration of study specified in the individual program.
  • 4. The recipient must be a member of Rangsit University International Scholarship Group.
  • 5. In case the program has a cooperative education plan, the recipient is strongly recommended to take the cooperative education plan. Otherwise the recipient is requested to pay back all waived tuition and academic service fees. However, it is up to the consent of the Program Director to choose the most beneficial study plan for the recipient.
  • 6. The scholarship is terminated when:
  • (6.1) The recipient’s GPA is lower than 3.00 for two consecutive semesters.
  • (6.2) The recipient changes the field of study or the program of study.
  • (6.3) The recipient graduates.
  • (6.4) The recipient violates the university’s code of conduct, resulting in punishment or suspension
  • (6.5) The student status of the recipient is terminated.
  • (6.6) The recipient fails to participate in college/faculty/university activities as stated in 2.
  • (6.7) The recipient cannot graduate within the duration of study specified in the program
    (generally, four years)
  • (6.8) The recipient does not comply with rule and regulations.
  • (6.9) The RIC scholarship committee terminates the scholarship status of the recipient.

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