Photo Report: Annual Trip

Photo Report: Annual Trip

RIC have a tradition to go for a trip together with the stuff and students. We believe it pulls us together, makes student feel like home. Because University life is not only about study.

The trip started early at 6 A.M. Collecting our breakfast we spread into busses and headed to our main destination. This year students chose the Harmony Resort located in Phetchaburi region, South – East from Bangkok nearby the National Park.

When we arrived, the lunch was already waiting for us. And we already waited for it, too.

The hot weather is just made for wet activities. That is why kayaking was chosen as a perfect time spending for students. Separating into groups of 10 they drove away one by one to the boat station.

Putting on the safe jackets (safety’s first!), plenty of boats started their route in the jungle, facing all possible difficulties as river flows, broken trees and other pirate boats’ splash attacks.

Kayaking was supported with the following the Pool party with a DJ and drinks. The boldest occupated the small aquapark in the Resort.

In the evening we gathered in the big hall. The RIC Dean declaimed inspirational speech for students regarding the coming exams and importance of students’ union. Also, every student could have a blessing hand band from teachers of RIC.

DAY 1 finished with big dinner and party till late night.

Day 2 we started with the hard morning  the lazy breakfast. Having 2 hours for it, still, there were people who did not woke up on time. At 10 A.M. we headed to our last destination Kaeng Krachan National Park.

Special thanks for photos to: Platoo; Haroon (IG: fep567)