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The Truth of an International Student In Thailand

Before I started my exchange studies here in Rangsit university, Thailand, I had travelled quite a lot already all over in Asia, also Thailand. The first time I left home with my backpack to Asia was in 2011 and I started the journey in Thailand. Ever since I have travelled a year in total in Asia and I have got a pretty good glance into many different cultures and I have gained lots of precious perspective into my life. Most of the time in Asia I have spent in southeast; Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand. I have felt Thailand most convenient place to travel. It is not too expensive but also not the cheapest; in the other words, not too classy but also not too uncomfortable. For example long distance buses and trains are totally affordable but also comfy, clean and pretty spacey. Food is tasty, but at the same time cheap. Thailand is also already quite used to tourism, so it is pretty easy to find information about different things and it feels like the new generation is understanding the importance of english language and they are already handling it pretty well. Thailand has many really popular tourist attractions and beaches where to spend a holiday, for example Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Krabi and so on. Personally I usually prefer more relaxed and down to earth places, which they totally have in Thailand, but many times these places are not found so easily, because there are so much information about the main attractions and beaches that the new places just get lost in the information jungle. Or the ones who have found the perfect place to relax just do not want to spread the word of their hidden gem. But actually Thailand provides really good opportunities for almost every type of people who wants to visit sub-tropical country such as beaches, underwater life, jungle, culture, party etc.

Well, why I decided to study here in Bangkok and what have I learned during the time I have spent here? I've been so many times in Bangkok it started to feel like a 2nd home to me. Whenever arriving Bangkok after some little bit more authentic time, for example after a month in Myanmar, I loved the feeling when I knew how the city works, how is the culture and also because Bangkok is a little bit westernized it totally has some effect. But don't get me wrong, actually I love authentic adventures aswell, Myanmar is such an awesome beautiful country. So Bangkok was really natural choice for me, just moving to 'a 2nd home'. Usually big cities have a little bit bad reputation of being unsafe, pretty polluted and booring after couple days. I agree and disagree. The traffic in Bangkok is such a headech. It doesn't matter are you taking a taxi or a metro during rush hour, you still wish you stayed working or doing something useful rather than wasting your time standing still. Also the traffic is creating so much pollution it has to have an affect on the average life expectancy of "Bangkokians". What comes to a safetynbeach-in-Krabi-Thailandess I think Bangkok is safe place to live and visit. Bangkok might be full of temptations for younger people for example lots of parties and of coursethis kind of happenings will bring some unsafetyness, but usually you can blame yourself the next morning you wake up. I have never felt any typeof aggression or hostility by local towards me ANYWHERE in Thailand and I have spent here in total a half a year. So, whenever you calm down with Chang and buckets Bangkok has so many different things to offer. Great street food culture, markets, rivers, nightlife, shopping, parks, lovely local neighborhoods etc. I never feel bored in Bangkok.

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