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Rangsit University International College (RIC) Foundation Student Class January 11 – March 12, 2021

Class CodeClass TitleCourse ManagerWebex Link
IFE 001Active Integrated English IAjarn Beehttps://rsu-th.webex.com/meet/roongkan.ne
IFE 002English Listening & Speaking IAjarn Gessaneehttps://rsu-th.webex.com/meet/gessanee.m
IFE 003English for Academic Reading IAjarn Maksimhttps://meetingsapac55.webex.com/meet/pr1655214592
IFE 004English for Academic Writing IAjarn Edwardhttps://rsu-th.webex.com/meet/superduperreadyeddie
IFE 006English Listening & Speaking IIAjarn Gessaneehttps://rsu-th.webex.com/meet/gessanee.m
IFE 007English for Academic Reading IIAjarn Maksimhttps://meetingsapac55.webex.com/meet/pr1655214592
IFE 008English for Academic Writing IIAjarn Edwardhttps://rsu-th.webex.com/meet/superduperreadyeddie
IFE 009English Communication. & PresentationDr. Boonsrihttps://rsu-th.webex.com/meet/boonsri.c