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The Best Cafes Near Rangsit

The Best Cafes Near Rangsit

As an International College, we gather students from around the world. This creates intercultural friends, who shares one experience with the different background. In this article 2 girls from the USA and Singapore are going to tell what they found tasty in the neraby of the University

As a student sometimes you just need to get away from the campus bustle. Or maybe you’re just looking for a change in scenery. Well fear not, you don’t need to go far! Take a break from the Starbucks and support these local business! Here are five cafes within walking distance from Rangsit University!

Moon and Roti Cafe

When it’s 2 am and you and your friends aren’t ready to go home…

Open 24 hours and constantly playing the latest hits by Adele or Ariana Grande, Moon and Roti Cafe is my go-to cafe when I need my caffeine fix (which if we’re being honest is everyday). I think the workers even know my order from memory (a Thai ice tea and roti ham-cheese). Frequented by many students and locals alike, this cafe manages to strike the perfect balance between cool hangout spot and effective place to get work done.

P.S. I recommend the fresh kiwi mango roti (yum!)



When you’ve got a paper due in less than 24 hours (yikes!)…

It’s crunch time and you need a quiet place to sit, write, and sip on some milk tea. Zero distractions. Campus provides the ideal spot to cozy up and hit the books and it’s also 24 hours! A quiet atmosphere, comfortable seating, and an ample charging outlets.

Teddy’s Time Cafe

When you need to hit your “likes” quota on Instagram…

As the name suggests, this place follows a theme. And the aesthetics don’t stop at the food arrangements. Did I mention the decor? There’s a friendly bear-face looking at you from every direction. From classic teddy bear, to rare collectable beanie baby bear, to Rilakkuma the bear, this cafe has it all.


S2M Cafe


When it’s a beautiful day and you can not imagine being cooped up inside all day…

Monsoon season is almost over and when the typical weather forecast is 35 degrees and sunny there’s no excuse not to soak up the sun while you enjoy a beverage. Bask in the warmth on the stairs outside or have a seat inside where the shop manages to perfectly blend chic and professional in one cafe.

Coffee Flavor

When you just want to get away from it all…

Tucked away in a corner, you might miss if you’re not paying attention but worth it to stop in for an iced caramel latte. Small, quiet, and not very well-known, this place is the hideaway for you to spend some much-needed alone time.


Sometimes the best things are in your own backyard and whether your studying for test or just looking for a tasty treat, these places are certified to fill your needs.

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Text and photos belongs to Ellora Bultema