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The Royal Decree of Emergency Situation for Covid-19

1.   The enforcement of the emergency decree.
2.  The emergency decree comes into effect from Thursday March 26 until the end of April 2020.
3.  To all the governors who still have not ordered to close all risk areas such as gyms, sports stadiums and entertainment
     places etc
     – it will be enforced across the country.
4.  To all the governors who are in charge of the mission order to close all public places like tourist attractions,
      religious gatherings ~ take such other actions as it may deem appropriate.
5.   Now there is no lockdown in Thailand and in airports, with the exception of;
      5.1 Thai citizens or diplomats with medical certificate.
      5.2 Flight attendants and pilots who come in for their operation.
      5.3 Forwarding agency who does their business as quickly as possible and then go back.
      5.4 Others permitted by the Prime Minister or the decree authorities.
6.   No public gatherings
7.   No sending of fake news or misleading information on Covid-19, but anyone can give any comments to the center
8.   All public health organizations should be ready for providing temporary hospital, gurney, medical supply, and retired doctors.
9.   People should stay at home. There is no curfew now but to be announced later if needed.
10.  People under the age of five years and over 70 are encouraged to stay home, except if going to see the doctor,
       having diabetes, high blood pressure, reporting to the police or going to the Court, etc.
11.  The government did not ban people from travelling to other provinces. Checkpoints will be set up along the way.
      Social distancing in a car
      Wearing mask
      Temperature scanning
      Preparing ID card
      People will be required to download an application to track their location
      If there is high temperature and is therefore a high-risk, they will be advised to home quarantine
12. People can buy/sell food as normal. Do not stock goods.
13. Anybody taking advantage of the situation for their own benefit will face stern action
14. Factories, Banks, ATM machine, Restaurants offering takeaway food, Fresh food markets, Logistics, Financial institutions, Securities business, Government office, Police station, Hospital, Pharmacy and Delivery-online business are exempted from the closure.