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Updated: May 5, 2020
Subject: Information for Students of Rangsit University International College

Our message to students is that your health and safety is our number one priority. You are not alone, and the Rangsit University is here to support you. We are committed to ensuring that international students have ready access to information, support and care they need. In these new circumstances we want to provide a way for all students to complete their course of study without interruption in line with their individual study plans.

Situation in Thailand

The encouraging news is that the number of new infections in Thailand is dropping day by day. We hope that with the precautions in place this trend will continue.

  • The number of new cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 has been decreasing. It is recently lower than 10.
  • Of all reported cases, more than 92% (2,732) have recovered, about 1.8% (54) have died, and 6% (180) are receiving treatment.
  • To date, 68 of the total 77 provinces have reported cases. 29 of these 68 provinces have not reported any new cases during the past 28 days.

Education information for international students

  • The university has already resumed for all services since May 1, 2020. Student can contact or ask for services at the RIC office, 2nd Floor, 11th Building from 9:00-16:30 onwards. The guidelines for contacting the RIC office are given below.
  • The university plans to resume the summer semester on 8 June 2020. There will be 2 systems of classes offered at RIC. First, the class will be offered in a “mixed method” (on campus + online) where we mix instruction both on campus and online. Second, classes will be offered “100% online”. The list for the method of learning in each class will be provided by the Academic Services Division.
  • For students who would like to register for the summer semester, please contact your advisors for consultation and make the decision to register before 20 May 2020 to avoid a late fee. The guidelines for participating in RIC classes this summer is below.
  • For overseas students who are staying abroad and plan to return to Thailand for the summer class, unfortunately foreigners are not yet allowed to enter Thailand until 31 May. The procedures for foreigners entering after 1 June have not been finalized. However, a 14-day quarantine regulation would be applied. Still, we advise these students to register for 100% online classes so you can continue with your study.
  • For a student whose visa is either invalid or expired and plan to come back Thailand for continuing your study, you are advised to contact our visa office after 1 June 2020 for the documents to submit for a new visa in your home country.

Guideline for contacting the RIC office

  • Since 1 May 2020, Rangsit University has announced the new normal for everyone who comes to the university with the following important information:
    - Everyone must wear either a surgical or cloth mask at all times when s/he is staying with others. Consider wearing a face shield if you are less than 2 meters from others. Everyone must clean their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after contact with other people, surfaces, tools, equipment or even your own mask. Free hand sanitizer is available at each building entrance, the RIC Offices and each building floor.
    - There must be social distancing of at least 1 meter for all activities. Desks, classrooms, and meeting room must be arranged to maintain at least a 1 meter separation. While eating together people must keep a distance of at least 1 meter.
    - All activities related to large groups are currently cancelled. If a get-together is necessary, social distancing of at least 1 meter must be arranged. Meetings must be authorized by the unit head for measuring and vigilance during the activity.
  • Any students who would like to contact the office, teachers or staff, are requested to make an appointment via @RSUinter LINE Official Account to reduce traffic and avoid crowding.

Guidelines for Summer RIC Classes

  • We separate the class into two categories: “Mixed method (on campus + online)” and “100% online”. The list for the method of learning in each class will be provided by Academic Services Division.
  • The “mixed method” class will deliver some sessions on campus and some sessions online. The information about how to study will be provided to the students during the first week of the class. Please come to classes you are enrolled in on campus during the first week (8-12 June 2020). However, social distancing for 1 meter will be strictly applied in the classroom. Everyone must also wear a mask. The number of people in the classroom will be limited based on the size of the classroom. The duration of each session will not last more than one and a half (1.30) hours
  • The “100% online” class will deliver all sessions online. The information to access the class will be provided later by RIC. However, students are required to spend their time in the class timetable for the online class. There might be a blend between a real-time teaching and recorded content, including interactive class activities.
  • Some classes can fall into both categories, which means in those classes instruction can be either on campus or totally online. The information will be provided by the lecturer of those classes.

Visa information update

  • For international students who are living abroad and your visa is going to expire before you come back to Thailand, please contact visa office after 1 June 2020. It is advised that you contact 2 months before your planned arrival date to Thailand. Remember it is important that you contact the RIC office before you return to Thailand if you visa has expired so we can properly assist you, saving you time and inconvenience.
  • For international students who are living abroad and visa is going to expire before you come back to Thailand, please contact visa office after 1 June 2020 and 2-month before your plan of coming back.