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Hey guys. Today we have a special guest – Yuto Torigoe! He’s exchange student in the Program FFLC+RIC. We had a lot of fun in this interview, and I hope you guys enjoy it as well!

Interview with Yuto Torigoe

RIC: Tell me about yourself

Yuto : Hello krab, my name is Yuto Torigoe. I’m now a 4th-year student in the Faculty of International Business. Before coming to Thailand, I studied English, business, and Thai for two years at a Japanese language college and transferred to a third-year student at Rangsit University.

Outside of the university, as the representative of JSAT (Japanese Student Association in Thailand), we hold various online and offline events for Japanese and Thai people in Thailand. And I also have an internship. I’m working at a sales and marketing company


RIC : Could you tell me something about FFLC and why you choose to study at Rangsit University, International College?

Yuto : FFLC stands for Fukuoka Foreign Language College, and we study English and business administration, accounting, and business strategy necessary for business.

After studying for two years, students study abroad at universities in various countries around the world. Many of my friends are studying abroad in Europe, America, China, Australia, and so on.

First of all, I chose to study in Thailand because I thought that the world was in the Asian era. Since I was a student, I thought that by studying at a university in Asia, I would be able to make connections and gain the ability to adapt to different cultures.

And there are two reasons why I chose Rangsit University. First, I thought that I could study while working hard with people from various countries. I often do group work in my class homework, but while doing my homework, I can listen to the opinions of people from various countries and learn ideas.


RIC : How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Yuto : First, strategically, whatever I do, I have a solid plan. What goals will be achieved by when, and what must be done to achieve those goals? Think of When I do business, I observe the other person closely and always think about what the other person is thinking. I like reading people’s hearts very much.


The second is challenging. I love trying different things and I’m not afraid to fail, and I’m looking forward to trying more, given the success. Of course, I made a lot of mistakes. But every time I think positively, I try various things. I am trying to learn Chinese now.

Finally, sociable, I love meeting people, I meet different people every day to eat and play. I love listening to the thoughts and opinions of different people. From there I can learn a lot.


RIC : During stay in Thailand, what makes you smile and what scares you the most?

Yuto : It’s the best people I’ve met in Thailand that make me smile, my friends encourage me when I’m depressed, my teacher teaches me when I don’t understand the lessons, my senior who works will take me to eat dinner. My friends, teachers, and seniors make me smile.

I’m most scared of are bugs, Thai bugs are much larger than in Japan, and as I walk down the road they come towards me.


RIC : Describe the next five years of your life and your plans.

Yuto : After graduating from Rangsit University, I want to study abroad in China for about a year, I want to learn languages and cutting-edge technology in China and after that, I got a job and worked as an office worker for about 3 years. To study the flow of money and make personal connections in the world.

After that, I want to build my company in Asia, not in Japan. The company I made then sale and with the money I earn, I go on to become an investor.


RIC: What would you like to tell your Japanese friends about studying at RSU,  Thailand.

Yuto: First of all, please quit studying in Japan and go to study abroad. For example, while Japanese people are only studying English for two years, foreigners are studying marketing and programming in English, which opens the gap between Japan and the world.

At Rangsit University, I think that you can meet Thai people as well as people from various countries, listen to the opinions of various people, expand your view of the world, and have an environment for studying. In fact, I am experiencing it. I’m waiting for everyone in Japan with wonderful students and teachers.