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President's Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome international students to Rangsit University (RSU).

At RSU you will enjoy the perfect balance between high educational standards and an outstanding lifestyle.

In addition RSU has developed formal relationships with many overseas higher education institutions, impacting upon the internationalisation of our curricula, staffing and teaching approaches.


  • Pursuit of academic excellence;
  • Encouragement of free enquiry and the free flow of the fullest possible information;
  • Tolerance and understanding of different views and opinions;
  • Promotion of freedom of expression, whether in speech or writing, in work or academic endeavour or, in religious beliefs and worship;
  • Ideal of a just and compassionate society, based on equal opportunity for all and equal justice under the Law;
  • Provision of highly planned and skilfully created academic programs that reflect the best in academic tradition, whilst constantly evolving to keep pace with advances in technology, educational methods and technology. ​

RSU currently has more than 500 international students from over 20 countries. International students add significant value to our overall teaching program and to campus life by providing different perspectives and insights based on their own cultural, life and learning experiences.

RSU offers extensive academic, recreational, sporting, and cultural and entertainment opportunities to students in a friendly and supportive environment.

Again, I look forward to welcoming you to Rangsit University.

Arthit Ourairat, Ph.D.