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Rangsit University International College
Interview Schedule of Scholarship Applicants for Aug 2020 Semester

Rangsit University International College is pleased to announce the
Schedule of Interview with Scholarship Applicants of the 50% tuition scholarship on

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 via Google Meet.


#NameProgramCountryThai Local Time UTC +
(Starting Time)
1Socheata Sokha ChanIBCambodia11:00 AM
2Rothchanthyda Vannak SothIBCambodia11:10 AM
3Pich Pisey SengIBCambodia11:20 AM
4Naw Eh EhIBMyanmar11:30 PM


#NameProgramCountryThai Local Time UTC +
(Starting Time)
1Nashim KhanICTBangladesh1:00 PM
2Hkun HpringICTMyanmar1:10 PM
3Saw WingateIPEDMyanmar1:20 PM
4Lhazin Kinzang WangmoIHIBhutan1:30 PM
5Sonam ChodenBiomed Sc.Bhutan1:40 PM

The successful candidates will be officially announced on June 26, 2020.

Rangsit University reserves the right to not reconsider those candidates who missed their
time of interview.

*** The decision of the scholarship committee is final ***

Rangsit University International College
June 16, 2020

Rangsit University International College
Successful Recipients of the 50% Tuition Scholarship

Rangsit University International College is pleased to announce the continuation of its scholarship program to support and encourage highly deserving and qualified students to study in the international programs. The scholarship committee has gone through the selection process and proudly presents the recipients of the 50% scholarship for August semester year 2020 as follows:

Socheata Sokha ChanInternational CollegeIBAugust (1/2020)
Rothchanthyda Vannak SothInternational CollegeIBAugust (1/2020)
Pich Pisey SengInternational CollegeIBAugust (1/2020)

The scholarship recipients may contact the International Admissions Office to proceed with your application the soonest via email: chatubhoom.t@rsu.ac.th. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Rangsit University International College
June 26, 2020

RIC International School Network Scholarships (RISNS)

Rangsit University (RSU) is a leading private university in Thailand with the most comprehensive programmes available for international students. RSU also intends to enhance internationalisation on campus, particularly to be an outstanding education provider for the ASEAN Community. To support internationalisation on campus, RSU is providing 50% scholarships to any high school students who had obtained high school qualification to study at Rangsit University.


1. Non-Thai citizen only for Thai citizen please visit this link or https://www2.rsu.ac.th/info/scholarships
2. Candidates who have started university education already are not eligible to apply.
3. Candidates must not be over 20 years old
4. Currently studying or in final year of high school level or recently graduated
5. Good academic merit or recognised as a talented student
6. Upon receiving the scholarship, the candidate must be able to study at RSU immediately (Deferring semester must be approved by the scholarships committee of RIC)


1. Latest academic transcript with average GPA not less than 3.0 (or no less than 3.25 for Vocational Certificate students, 3.0 for High Vocational Certificate students).
2. Recommendation letters from High School Principal or counsellors
3. Portfolio or resume describing personal details, activities or extracurricular activities during your high school
4. Passport copy (if available)
5. Copy of High School Certificate (if available)
6. ID Photo


SemesterStarting DateApplication Deadline
June (summer)8th June 202031st March 2020
August (1st semester)24th August 202030th May 2020
January (2nd semester)11th January 202131st October 2020


Conditions and obligations of Scholarship Recipients

1. The scholarships covers 50% of the tuition and 50% of the academic service fees.
2. The assistantship will be reviewed every semester.
3. The recipient must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) for the duration of study for the specified program.
4. The recipient must participate in all required university activities.
5. The recipient must work as assigned by the RIC Assistantship Committee for a minimum of 48 hours per semester. (84 hours/year) Failure to meet this condition will result in suspension.
6. The recipient must actively be a good role model for other students.
7. The recipient must fully comply with all RSU/RIC rules and regulations.
8. The recipient must not be involved in any criminal or illegal activities
9. The recipient is obligated to provide information and guide junior students 1-2 times per year at previous high school to foster deeper relationships between RIC and high school.


1. The recipient graduates from the program.
2. The recipient does not graduate within the duration of their program of studies (Four years).
3. The recipient changes the field of study or major.
4. The recipient‘s GPA is lower than 3.00 or 3.25 for two consecutive semesters.
5. The recipient fails to participate in college/university activities.
6. The recipient does not fulfill a minimum work requirement of 48 hours/ semester (84 hours/year) as assigned by the RIC Assistantship Committee.
7. The recipient violates the university’s code of conduct, resulting in suspension.


NationNameContact PersonAddressPhoneEmailWebsiteOther Contacts
MYANMAR STUDENTS PROSPECT BURMA (MYANMAR OFFICE) Shwe Yee Tun Aung, Programme OfficerRoom No. 510, Level 5, Pinlon Htaik Htar Condo (Sein Gay Har Shopping Centre), Pyay Road, Dagon Township 11191, Yangon, Myanmar +959 42 3536 190, +959 769 733 298 shwe@prospectburma.org www.prospectburma.org/studentshttps://www.facebook.com/ProspectBurmaMyanmar/
MYANMAR STUDENTS THOO MWEH KHEE LEARNING CENTRE (THAILAND OFFICE) Director of Higher Education351 Moo 3, Phop Phra, Tak, Thailand, 63160 +66-612943047 brandon.c.newlin@gmail.comhttps://thoomwehkheeschool.org
MYANMAR STUDENTS THOO MWEH KHEE LEARNING CENTRE (THAILAND OFFICE) Dermot Carberry Dean of Social Sciences 351 Moo 3, Phop Phra, Tak, Thailand, 63160+66-621815294dermotcarb@gmail.comhttps://thoomwehkheeschool.org
MYANMAR STUDENTS CHILD’S DREAM (THAILAND OFFICE)Bantarawan Chantra (Tuu) Head - University Scholarships (Thai) +66 (0)812 895 314 tuu@childsdream.orghttp://childsdream.org/higher-education/university-scholarships/
https://www.facebook.com/childsdreamfoundation and https://www.facebook.com/CDHEMyanmar/
MYANMAR STUDENTS CHILD’S DREAM (THAILAND OFFICE)Su Mon Swe Coordinator - University Scholarships (Myanmar)+66 (0)831 622 951sumonswe@childsdream.orghttp://childsdream.org/higher-education/university-scholarships/
https://www.facebook.com/childsdreamfoundation and https://www.facebook.com/CDHEMyanmar/
Myanmar StudentsBrighter FuturesSteve GomersallSHM Compound, 38 Zone C, Hpa-an Industrial Zone, Hpa-an Hlaing BWe, Road, Hpa-an, Kayin State, 13011 Myanmar+95 9776056904steve_brighterfutures@hotmail.com
Myanmar StudentsThoo Mweh Khee Graduate FundDr. Shirley Worland69 Moo 8, Padred, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand+66 8 5728 8443shirley.worland@cmu.ac.th

BHUTAN STUDENTS YOUTH WELFARE AND EDUCATION OFFICE OFFICE OF GYALPOI ZIMPON, HIS MAJESTY'S SECRETARIAT Leki Wangpo Scholarship OfficerYouth Welfare and Education Office Office of Gyalpoi Zimpon, His Majesty's Secretariat Thimphu, Bhutan+975-2-332941