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If you have successfully completed units or subjects from another institution, (College or University) either in Thailand or overseas or from a different degree at RSU, you may apply for credit transfer that may reduce the time you take to complete your current degree.

Students are required to fill out the Application Form here for Request of Credit Transfer, the application form must be submitted together with the Transcript of Records from your previous institution(s), together with a detailed course description of all subjects taken.

If transcripts and other documentation are in a language other than English, they must be translated by a certified translator and submitted together with certified copies of the original documents.

The Committee of Credit Transfer from the faculty of the student will evaluate all subjects being applied for credit transfer. The subjects eligible for credit transfer must have an exact equivalent credit value or higher, and a completed grade of C or above.

The students are allowed to transfer a maximum of 75% of the total credits for the current program he/she is studying. For example, if a student is taking a program with a total number of 120 credits, then the student can only transfer a maximum of 90 credits (75% of 120 credits = 90 credits) from his/her previous institution.

Normally it takes about one month for the faculty to evaluate the subjects eligible for credit transfer. When the 

Registrar’s Office receives the report from the faculty, it will evaluate and approve the total number of credits that can be transferred.

Afterwards, the Registrar’s Office will inform the faculty to tell the student to report to the Registrar’s Office and pay a credit transfer fee of 300 Baht per credit of all subjects approved. If the student is approved 20 credits, the student will pay 6,000 Baht (300 Baht per credit x 20 credits = 6,000 Baht). 

The students are allowed to take a maximum cradit-load of 21 credits per semester while waiting for the result of credit transfer. The faculty can assist students on which advanced subjects he/she could take that are available in the coming semester (except for newly opened programs where advanced subjects are not available).

Credits transferred will appear at the student’s Transcript of Records (statement of results) by the following semester, with the same grade earned from the previous institution. All subjects that were transferred, however, will not be included in the calculation of the student’s current GPA (Grade Point Average).