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RIC English Foundation

For 3GE, there were truly impressive activities and experiences, both in shopping and bowling, providing convenience and fun for all members. Additionally, today was a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and create enduring memories for everyone in 3GE.

The Foundation Orientation event at International College (RIC) has been warmly welcomed and has created an atmosphere of growth and camaraderie among new students and faculty. 🌟 😊

Team Members

From left to right:

From the statistic of RIC Seamless Language Center, our students can improve their English skills up to 80% in grammar test and 75% in writing test within 1 semester.

RIC Language Center

🏫🤝 Metharath University’s visit to the RIC Language Center was all about sharing experiences and building future collaborations. 🌟

✨In a stellar achievement, 80.7% of RIC (Plan C) students have showcased remarkable English language proficiency, boasting a Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level of B2 or higher. 🌟👍

Updated Foundation Course & GE


CodeSubject NameDescriptionCredits
IFE 001Active Integrated English I**Integration of English language learning in both usage and use through activities in diverse contexts with emphasis on essential English language knowledge and practices for international/bilingual program students; namely, pronunciation and everyday conversation3(2-2-5)
IFE 002English Listening and Speaking IPractice in listening and speaking skills, emphasizing appropriate use of English in diverse social situations3(3-0-6)
IFE 003English Academic Reading IBasic reading skills in English; vocabulary, word analysis, contextual clues, language resources, reading strategies3(3-0-6)
IFE 004English Academic Writing IBasic writing skills in English; drafting an outline of paragraph, including main ideas and supporting details, paragraph development3(3-0-6)
CodeSubject NameDescriptionCredits
IFE 006Listening and speaking skills in English at an intermediate level; extensive in listening and speaking machines from classroom to real world, academic contexts, and communication in socialPractice in listening and speaking skills, emphasizing appropriate use of English in diverse social situations3(3-0-6)
IFE 007English Academic Reading IIPractices in academic reading skills in English; reading strategies for from selective to critical readings3(3-0-6)
IFE 008English Academic Writing IIPractice in academic writing; researching for ideas, summarizing paraphrasing, outlining and writing an academic essay3(3-0-6)
IFE 009English Communication and PresentationStrategies for group discussions arguments and counterarguments, giving presentation in social and academic contexts3(3-0-6)
CodeSubject NameCredits
IRS127Intercultural Communication3
Leadership for Changes 3
IRS142Science & Arts of Living3