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Once upon a time, there was a moment in the internet talking about a celebrity who was in a beautiful student dress, one of which  is “Davika Hoorne”, a student in the field of Communication Arts at Rangsit International College. Whenever Davika poses with her picture of student dress and the atmosphere in the fence of the University. Then there will be  many comments under her picture. Most people will ask, “OMG Davika, she is studying at Rangsit University ??.”  From that day until today, it is unbelievable that the time has passed. She has recently graduated. We have a chance to talk to her and have a short question about life at Rangsit University. 

Favorite Subject? 

Photography.  Because of knowledge about  principles of photography can be used in everyday life since I work in the acting industry.

Favorite Teacher?

All of them. But if I choose who I most closely, Dr. Duangtip Charenrook, she is  Head of the communication art program  who has been  teaching me and pushing on the topic of learning and activities including many suggestions.

Favorite Year of study?

I really like when I studied at year 1. It is the year of the beginning of learning everything. I found something new and exciting new friends in my social life. 

Favorite Activity?

Sweeten up, I made 100 cakes with my friends. Then donated to children and their mother at Don Muang Emergency Hospital. I did learn many things  and enjoyed  all the fun.

What  did you get from Rangsit International College?

First of all, I must thank to  all the teachers and all of my friends. I want to say that Rangsit University is a great university in terms of academic activities.  The academic environment here teaches all skills you need in real life whether it is an academic activity or human skills, I really love Rangsit International College.