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The Valentine’s Day is known since the era of the Roman Empire. Every year, the fourteenth day of the month of February was arranged as a holiday to honor the goddess Juno who was the Empress of the Roman gods. In addition, she is also the god of Women, sex, and marriage.

In the reign of Emperor Claudius II of Rome, he was a king with fierce heart and popular bloodshed. Realized the reason, youngest men did not wish to join the army did not want to separate from their lovers and family. Therefore, the royal made an order prohibiting the engagement and marriage in Rome.

At that time there was a Saint named Valentine or Valentinus, who lived in Rome. He was collaborating with St. Marius and they were organizing wedding ceremonies for Christians Valentine was arrested and in the meantime still a Valentine greeting. There is a belief that when he was a prisoner, Valentine has fallen in love with woman. She was a daughter of a jailer named Julia, who visited him during his detention. The night before Valentine died by being cut off his head, he sent a letter to Julia, which ended with “From Your Valentine

On February 14, 270 AD, his body was kept at the Praxedes church in Rome. Julia planted the Almond tree, or pink malts near her beloved’s grave. Today Pink Almond tree represents eternal love and beautiful friendship.