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Class Cancellation Announcement

ENG & CHI Version

Dear all,
Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus which have serious impact on the public health and the environment, Rangsit University International College decides to cancel all classes of international programs from Monday 27-
Friday 31 January 2020.

In the meantime,we will monitor and update the situation to every one immediately. Please keep update via all RIC Communication channels.

RIC is still open for the service but no class during the above-mentioned period of time. Do not panic and be safe.

Also, please follow these instructions to monitor your health:

Please follow the guidelines below as applicable to your situation:

1) Monitor your health. If you develop a fever or get sick, go see a doctor immediately and notify your academic advisor, so that the university medical unit is notified and able to follow up with your treatment.

2) If you traveled to China during the past 2 weeks, please wear a N95 mask everyday for at least 14 days even though you don’t have any sickness or symptoms, avoid crowded place and refrain from traveling away from the university, and fill in the form with the link below

3) If you (or your friends) are still in China as of Jan 26, inform your advisor and fill in the form below

[doc id=7170]