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Program / Major Contact Details

Program / Major Code provides access to all students together with the Head of the Program

International Business (IB)
Name: Ussanee Malisuwan (A.Koy)
Line ID: ussaneemalisuwan
E-Mail: ussanee.ma@rsu.ac.th
Room: 11-211

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Communication Arts (Comm. Arts)
Name: Asst. Prof. Dr.Duangtip Chareonrook (A.Ten)
Line ID: dr.ten
E-Mail: duangtipc@hotmail.com
Room: 15-207

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todsanai Chumwatana
Line ID: todsanai
E-Mail: todsanai.c@rsu.ac.th
Room: 11-208

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International Relationship and Development (IRD)
Name: Dr.Sasiphattra Siriwato
E-Mail: sasiphattra.s@rsu.ac.th
Room: 11-1201
FB Group: Click Here

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Tourism, Hospitality and Sports Programme (ITS)
Name: A.Nicha Chavalit 
E-Mail: nicha.c@rsu.ac.th
Room: 11-1102

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Biomedical Engineering (Bio.Eng.)
Name: Asst. Prof. Dr.Sani Boonyagul
Line ID: saniboon
E-Mail: sani@rsu.ac.th
Room: 4-104

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Electrical Engineering
Name: A.Supattana  Nirukkanaporn

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Biomedical Science (Bio.Sci.)
Name: Dr.Sutarnthip Ruengprapavut
Line ID: sutarnthip31
E-Mail: sutatnthip.r@rsu.ac.th
Room: 4/1-506

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Fashion Design
Name: A.Lalira Seemontara
Line ID: lalita.fas
E-Mail: kongsamran@yahoo.com
Room: 8-906/1

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College Of Design GROUP

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Product Design
Name: A.Kate Siribhakdi
Line ID: sportster666
E-Mail: kate.s@rsu.ac.th
Room: 8-705/2

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Name: Ajarn Rapiphong kullathamyothin
E-Mail: rapiphong@rsu.ac.th
Room: 19-315

Civil Engineering
Name: Asst. Prof.Wisit Youyongwatana
E-Mail: wisit@rsu.ac.th

Nursing Science
Name: Dr.Vatcharin Wuthironarith
E-Mail: vatcharin@rsu.ac.th

Master of International Digital Business (MIDB)

Name: Assistant Professor Suttisak Jantavongso Ph.D.

LINE ID: drsuttisak 
TEL: + 66 2 997 2200-30
ROOM: 11-220

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Master of Fine Arts in Design
Name: A.Sridhar Ryalie
E-Mail: sridhar.r@rsu.ac.th
Room: 8-213

Master of Diplomacy and International Studies
Name: Dr. Benjamin King
E-Mail: benjamin.k@rsu.ac.th

Master of Education
Name: Asst. Prof. Dr.Ubon Sanpatchayapong
E-Mail: ubon.s@rsu.ac.th

Name: Dr. Nipaporn Chalermnitundorn
E-Mail: nipaporn.c@rsu.ac.th