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Dear All Students,

We are in the transition period to switch to ONLINE learning.
From the next week (23 March 2020), most of the classes will be conducted fully ONLINE.

To ensure everyone can start to learn ONLINE, we advise you
to consult your lecturer in each subject which online platform that they are going to use.

Within this week, during class time, students have to either come to the class for testing the system or test the system from home. I am sure that your lecturers can guide you on which option suits you well. They may offer you the case studies, self-learning, homework and different ways of assessments. Make sure you have the same understanding with your lecturers and do not miss the class either ONLINE or OFFLINE.

Note that, we DO NOT cancel the class during 16-20 March 2020 but we will use the class time for the best benefits of testing the approach that we can study ONLINE effectively.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding. I would appreciate all of us that contribute to overcoming this situation together.

RIC Dean