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Month: May 2021

The Joys of Graffiti in Bangkok

By Dr. Bruce Weeks   Graffiti is a controversial topic. A common definition is that graffiti is an unlawful or unapproved writing or drawing on a public surface.1 The types of graphic representations that can be considered a graffiti can range from simple letters to elaborate drawings which take enormous effort and work to complete.

RSU will accommodate your queue for vaccination

For the Current Lecturers, Staffs and Students of Rangsit University,Satit Bilingual School of Rangsit University, RSU Healthcare, Employees of shops in RSU and Everyone who are working for RSU REGISTRATION for VACCINATION via the WEBSITE is NOT REQUIRED RSU will accommodate your queue for vaccination. Please wait for the announcement from your Personnel Office.

A Trip Down Khlong Saen Saep

By Dr. Bruce Weeks   There are many interesting ways for students of Rangsit University to explore the greater Bangkok city area. This article focuses on Khlong Saen Saep a major waterway in central Bangkok. Stretching from the Khao San Road area west for 72 kilometers to Chachoengsao Province, it is a great tourist resource […]