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“Happy Songkran Day 2022” from Rangsit University International College

“Happy Songkran Day 2022” from Rangsit University International College

On February 24, 2022, At Rangsit University the International College has simulated the water playing activities in preparation for the upcoming Thai New Year or Songkran Day. 

Each year on Songkran Day, there is a tradition of pouring water on the hands of respected elders to ask for their blessings. This activity is to let international students experience this important Thai tradition and disseminate it to the international community. In this way, it would make them feel more familiar and knowledgeable of Thai culture. It was such a wonderful and new experience for international students to engage in traditional dancing and splashing of water.

During this pandemic, most of us were unable to join festival in public places, but the International College is committed to spreading Thai culture to our students. The Songkran Day simulation is just one of the many activities aimed to provide the need for socialization and bring happiness and joy to the international community.

📌 Before doing any activities everyone followed the strict screening and preventive measures for Covid-19 as staff and students must be fully vaccinated and take the ATK test before participating in these activities.
The International College would like to thank all participating units for their cooperation in creating this activity a success. 🙏🏻❤️
– Wisdom Media (Production)
– Office of Social Development and Cultural Arts

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