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We’re so excited to share this highlight from our recent trip to Microsoft Thailand! 🤩👍👍

✨ During the visit, ICT students learned about IT topics like Metaverse, Bing Chatbot, and Azure cloud computing services from experts at Microsoft Thailand. It was an incredible opportunity for students to hear first-hand from these experts and they are already using what they learned in their classes! Thanks again to everyone who made this […]

If you’re feeling lonely and down, browsing the web may help you distract yourself, but it may also make you feel even worse. 📲🤔

Based on our class discussions, we decided to put together this seminar to help you overcome the difficulties you’re having with social media and give you a way out. We’ve reached a decent solution today since everyone was engaged and shared their thoughts.I really think this is a great opportunity for everyone involved.

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